We believe in the power of markets as a driver for good. Together we can transform the way we live and do business.


We believe in the power of markets as a driver for good. Together we can transform the way we live and do business.


We believe in the power of markets as a driver for good. Together we can transform the way we live and do business.

Global Market Access

Corporate demand for renewable energy solutions is growing at an impressive rate and expanding globally. Navigating this increasingly complex set of market-based choices requires an independent partner steeped with experience, open to collaboration and capable of customizing solutions to meet your sustainability objectives. Greenlight is that kind of partner.


A major market player in the renewable energy industry, we bring a proven track record and global client base.


We have decades of combined experience guiding major brands through complex environmental markets.


As a boutique firm, we focus on efficiency and delivering high-quality, cost-effective and impactful market solutions.

Our Services

Collaborators at heart, Greenlight offers a range of products and services that enable our clients to support renewables, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive sustainability throughout their operations. Our culture of creativity and integrity underpins everything we do for our clients.


We deliver Green-e Energy® certified Renewable Energy Credits in North America, GOs in Europe and I-RECs in select countries worldwide.

Carbon Offsets

Greenlight partners with high quality project developers to deliver direct GHG reductions for a company’s Scope 1 and 3 emissions.


Providing expert advisory and PPA brokerage services for customers seeking next-level renewable energy commitments and energy price stability.

Biogas Projects

Specializing in biogas offtake and pipeline transportation agreements for landfill and digester gas projects in the U.S.

Asset Services

Offering end-to-end services for our supply partners, working together to optimize marketability of RECs and offsets.

Stakeholder Engagement

Supporting client stakeholder engagement initiatives, including supply chain, employee and customer programs.

Project Partners

We’ve worked with renewable energy and carbon projects from all over the world. That gives us the experience to understand the ins and outs of project technologies, certification standards, supply contracts, and most importantly, market demand. Given this knowledge, we can help any project, new or existing, come up with workable solutions for bringing their project commodities to market.


Greenlight buys a variety of environmental attribute certificates (EACs), including RECs, GOs, I-RECs.


Experienced with all types of renewable power projects, we embrace the unique challenges faced by different technologies.


Greenlight helps projects navigate both voluntary certification standards and highly regulated compliance markets.


We support development stage projects looking for long-term, bankable offtake contracts.


We're proud of our track record as a trusted trading partner to some of the world’s largest renewable energy projects.


A nuanced understanding of the project development lifecycle lets us see pitfalls and the path ahead.

About Greenlight

Greenlight was founded in 2011 as the first woman-owned renewable energy marketing company in the U.S. So it should come as no surprise that we’re all about creating opportunity: to advance a cleaner, smarter way to generate energy, to build bridges between producers and consumers, and to multiply acts of good and purpose. Small but mighty, we’re proud that our knowledge and experience have benefitted thousands of organizations on the long march toward social and environmental responsibility. We invite you to become one of them.

By the Numbers

Our Principals have transacted over 22 million RECs since entering the market in 2003
We have delivered RECs from over 100 utility-scale projects across 43 US states
Founded as the first Woman-Owned REC marketer in the U.S.
Our clients are sustainability leaders, 75% of the largest are CDP reporters


From main street businesses and Fortune 500 companies to college campuses and City Hall, our customers are doing the real work to make sustainability the driving force throughout their operations. Still, there's no "one size fits all" when it comes to the tactics available to meet greenhouse gas reduction goals. Whether it's a preference for new clean energy projects or a desire to match electricity load to regional resources, our depth of experience is a key asset to our diverse set of clients.


With over two decades of combined experience in Green-e Energy® certified transactions in the U.S. voluntary market, our founders are recognized as an experienced and reliable trading partner to some of America’s largest brands.

Kelly Beck


Experienced and established market leadership Kelly wears her practical idealism as a badge of honor, having spent her entire career as a champion for sound environmental policy, smarter market solutions and voluntary actions by forward-thinking companies.

Joe Barclay


In-depth procurement and sourcing expertise Joe secures supply-side sourcing and project certification and has over 16 years of experience in environmental commodities markets, maintaining relationships with key executives in the renewable power industry.

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